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A Tumblr to post all of the awesomest things that happen in the NYC improv scene.

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I am Veronica (vaov) and I created this but anyone can ask me to be added as a member and be able to post.
Jun 29 '12

Del Close Marathon - Shows I’m in:

Improvisosos Peligrosos

Improvisosos Peligrosos is a 100% Spanish speaking long-form improv show with a mix cast of native Spanish speakers and SSL (gringos), all the performers are seasoned UCB Theatre! Polish your Spanish and get a chance to watch and understand improv without needing to know the language! It’s mágico!

Where and When: 
Sun 4:45 am at UCB Theatre


8GH is an indie team of nine UCB performer/trained grown-up women who do Harolds! Formed two years ago 8GH has been in every indie show you can imagine, crafting the hard art of doing a whole Harold in the indie standard 15min-slot!

Jackie Jennings,Fiona Mallek,Bethany Hall,Veronica Osorio,Susan Casey,Marie Latagan,Keisha Zollar,Jennifer Schwerer,Alexandra Kokesh,

Where and When: 
Sat 9:45 am at Urban Stages

Jun 10 '11
Mar 15 '11

Late Night with Harold. UCBNY 11pm

Mar 15 '11

Shaun Diston. Harold Night. DO IT!

Jul 19 '10

Doppelganger, Trapper John and Long Division six-week residency at The Tank

Come see three powerhouse groups (Doppelganger, Trapper John and Long Division) host six exciting nights of improv at The Tank. Running Mondays at 9:30PM, starting July 26th to August 30th. Hope to see you there!

Jul 16 '10

Benjonica Looking for shows

Hey guys, the improv duo Benjonica ( wants to do a really funny 12-15 minute set at your next show. We’ll open, close, or even host that shit. Hit us up.

Jul 16 '10

Now Accepting Submissions!!

If you want to plug an upcoming show or want to send audiovisual or quotes of the show that just happened SUBMIT to us! SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT! A little extra pump for your show can’t hurt!


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Yeah NY Improv

Mar 26 '10
Jan 3 '10

Two Man Movie Improv

Neil Casey and Anthony Atamanuik have performed this only twice and they are


If you have the opportunity to ever see them PLEASE DO.

Dec 18 '09